Whole Wheat Pancakes

Seriously delicious 100% wheat pancakes recipe! They're naturally sweetened with maple syrup, too.

Somehow over the years, I’ve neglected to share a basic whole wheat pancake recipe. I’m remedying that today with these delightfully light and fluffy, 100 percent whole wheat pancakes! If you’re looking for a go-to pancake recipe, this is it. Drizzle these cakes with maple syrup or go wild with toppings. They’re great either way.

These made-from-scratch pancakes put Bisquick pancakes to shame (speaking of, I’m sharing a gift-worthy pancake mix recipe tomorrow). Plus, these pancakes don’t send my blood sugar for a loop like regular pancakes made with all-purpose flour, especially when I top them with a dab of protein-rich peanut butter or almond butter.

pancakes ingredients

I know that whole wheat flour has a reputation for producing bitter baked goods, but here’s the deal—if that’s happening, your flour has gone bad. Whole wheat flour is more apt to go rancid than all-purpose because it contains the good-for-you, naturally-occurring oil present in whole grains.

Fresh whole wheat flour is mildly nutty in flavor and delicious. I’ll spare you my spiel about the industrial revolution and how flour mills advanced to produce all-purpose flour that had a longer shelf life more suitable for slow railway transportation across the United States. Pancakes for dinner, anyone?

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