15 Recipes for Leftover Veggies

Find 15 recipes to help you use up your extra vegetables! Don't let those veggies go to waste. #healthy #vegetarian

Raise your hand if you have some random vegetables going south in your kitchen. I’m raising my hand high over here. Here’s a collection of flexible recipes to reference when you have leftover veggies or greens in your fridge. Let’s save the vegetables!

This roundup was requested by my mom, and I hope it’s a handy resource for you, too. (Be sure to bookmark it.) You can always use the search bar at the top of the page to find recipes for a specific type of produce. I also have an ingredient index, which you can bookmark or access through the menu bar—hover over “all recipes” then “ingredient” then “view all”.

When I write recipes, I always try to include tips on how to “change it up”, which you can find in my recipe notes. In my cookbook, those tips turned into cute banners that you’ll see over the recipe photos. You can also skim the comments to learn how C+K readers have successfully changed the recipe. Please get creative with your vegetables and leave a comment on the recipe to share how it turned out!

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