Cherry Pecan Muesli

This healthy homemade muesli is absolutely delicious! It's made with oats, pecans, coconut, dried cherries, and a touch of maple syrup and vanilla.

Any muesli fans out there? How about muesli haters? Muesli is typically made with raw oats, nuts and dried fruit, and maybe some spices for good measure. I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of store-bought mueslis aren’t awesome—the raw oats taste like horse food (yep, I said it), and the healthy oils in nuts and oats can go rancid if the muesli sits on the shelf too long.

I’m aiming to turn all the haters into muesli lovers with this recipe. Starting with raw nuts and oats from a store with a healthy turnover rate is key. Then I suggest you commit muesli blasphemy—mix in a tiny drizzle of maple syrup and coconut oil, and toast the ingredients in the oven to maximize the flavor and minimize the horse food effect. This is healthy homemade cereal that you’ll actually want to eat!

muesli ingredients

The inspiration for this muesli came from Pinch of Yum’s photography workshop. Lindsay and her team served Minneapolis-made Seven Sundays muesli for breakfast, with a beautiful spread of fruit and toppings to choose from. The hard part was not eating the muesli before I was done photographing it.

I fell in love with Seven Sundays’ cherry, pecan and vanilla combination, so I just had to recreate it. I can’t say I made an exact replica of their muesli, but it’s delicious regardless. Muesli is very flexible, so you can easily change it up—see the recipe notes for suggestions. As always, please let me know how you like it in the comments!

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