Hot Pink Coconut Slaw

This hot pink slaw is totally irresistible, thanks to—surprise—coconut! If you like coconut, you're going to love this nutrient-dense slaw/side salad.

What the heck do you call such a colorful side? Colorful coconut coleslaw? More specifically, hot pink coconut coleslaw? Radical coconut slaw? I don’t know, but coconut slaw doesn’t do it justice. I do know that if you are a coconut fan, you should make this as soon as possible. You’ll be glad you did!

This whatever-you-call-it slaw was roughly inspired by some coconut tostadas I enjoyed at Hola Arepa in Minneapolis this summer. (I say roughly mostly because the original version was much prettier.)

slaw ingredients

I already went on about how amazing they were, but everything at that restaurant is amazing. I would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there if I could. I would apprentice there to learn all of their secrets if I could.

Anyway, Hola Arepa topped tostadas with poblano-avocado spread and a “ceviche” made with fresh strips of coconut meat marinated in lime. I don’t know where to buy fresh coconuts, and even if I did, I’m fairly certain I would lose a finger trying to slice it.

I used big, dried, unsweetened coconut flakes instead. Given that I had to stop myself from inhaling this giant bowl of coleslaw in one sitting, I’d say that it worked.

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